Fix Mount Ultrasonic Water Flowmeter

Product Code XN UF2000F
Description Flow Meter / Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Connection CE
Spec UF2000-F
Accuracy Host Flow meter:±0.5%; heatmeter, ±1.0%
Signal output 1 channel 4~20mA currency output, impedance 0~1K, accuracy 0.1% / 1 channel OCT pulse output (pulse width 6~1000ms, 200ms by default) / 1 channel relay output
Signal input 3 channel 4~20mA currency input, accuracy 0.1%; temperature, pressure and liquid level signals can be collected. / 3 wire PT100 can be connected to measure heat
Data port RS485, MODBUS etc.
Special cable Generally less than 50m; for 485 communication, transmission distance can be more than 1000 meter.
Pipe material Steel, S/S, iron steel, copper, PVC, aluminum, etc, liner allowed
Pipe inner diameter 15-6000mm
Medium Type Water, sea water, industrial sewage, acid and alkali solutions, alcohol, beer, various oils and other single uniform liquids that can conduct ultrasonic waves
Temperature -30~160℃
Turbidity 10000ppm and the bubble content is small
Flow rate 0~±10m/s
Power consumption 1.5W
Power supply DC8-36V or AC85-264V (Optional)
Working temperature Host: -20~60℃; Flow sensor: -30~160℃
Working humidity Host & sensor can be immersed in water, water depth ≤ 2m (note:after wiring and potting)
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UF2000F Fix Mount Ultrasonic Water Flowmeter is can be applied to a wide range of pipe flow measurements. Applicable liquids include pure liquids as well as liquid with small quantity of tiny particles.

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